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About NMobe

Creativity, passion, art, and design. We think about every detail, we put our heart into every project.


We are a multidisciplinary studio that brings together, under the same space, professionals who live with passion each of the projects in which we are involved.


We are committed to a global architecture that combines and enhances the best of the classic and the modern, always providing that Mediterranean touch that characterizes us.


We founded NMobe in 2010 and since then we have experienced exponential growth, participating in more than 150 projects and betting heavily on self-promotion.


We are present in the list of the 10 best architecture studios in Marbella and we have positioned ourselves as a benchmark company in turnkey reforms, differentiating ourselves from other studios due to the comprehensive vision we have when building luxury villas.

Architecture, interior design, construction, and landscaping. These are the 4 specialties that we develop every day from the NMobe team, working hand in hand with each client to deeply understand their perspective and achieve timeless results.

We design spaces that awaken emotions.

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